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Title: Last Mission
Fandom: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
Disclaimer: Don't own, no profit, etc.
Characters/Pairing: Luna, others mentioned
Rating: AA
Summary: Luna ponders what happens after the end.
Notes: prompt #2, 'endings'

Lunamaria opened the cockpit of her Zaku to look out into the hangar for a minute before descending. So many mobile suits, all so different yet so very similar, too. She wished she could take a picture, but the mysterious force that had brought them all together hadn't thought to transport her cell phone. The Zaku's onboard camera didn't seem to be able to save - it said it did, but the pictures just came up blank.

She knew she wasn't the only one who had that problem. The young man who'd done so much of the research and reconnaissance for them - Ribbons - seemed to be equally frustrated about an inability to properly document the situation.

So many people, and machines, from all different worlds. And what would happen when... whatever they were doing was done? Would they all go home? Would they remember any of it, or would everything they'd done together drift away like a dream?

They'd forged so many bonds - there was Ribbons and Miss Nanai comparing notes in the shadow of the hulking yet nimble Reborns Gundam. And Kira was talking to Duo, Garrod, and Loran, gesturing wide with his arms before pointing in the direction of Amuro's Nu Gundam.

Luna did want to go home - eventually. But... she didn't want this to end, either.
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