Jul. 4th, 2015

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Hi, [community profile] gundamstories!

After a lot of random talk, along with a lot of Gundam-y activity so far this year, I thought it was time to reinvent and revitalize this community.

• This is everyone's community. If you want to host a re/watch, post discussion or news or anything, please feel free!

• Anonymous commenting is going to be ON -- please do not abuse this or it will be turned off.

• Basic rules are in the profile.

• Fanwork prompts (100+ words/no maximum for writing, no minimum qualifications for visual creations) will be posted bi-weekly, though any Gundam fics/art/etc. are welcome here.

• Discussion posts will be posted bi-weekly as well.

• Everything Gundam is welcome!

Whew! Aside from all of that, if you're looking for Gundam stuff to do, [personal profile] nanslice is hosting a weekly Gundam Wing rewatch on her journal. We're on episodes 11-12 this weekend. The first half of Turn-A Gundam came out in June! If anyone is interested in a group viewing, let me know.


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