Aug. 5th, 2015

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All prompts may be tackled at any time. There is no maximum word count or minimum qualifications for visual media of any sort.

New prompts will be posted every other week, somewhere near mid-week.

Plot-twists! Mid-season upgrades! In the thick of things! Questioning just why we're fighting! There is plenty have fun to be had in the: middle

Have fun!
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Cockpit Faceplant is a gift exchange for fanfic/fanart in mecha fandoms across all media. Visit the community for a FAQ, question post, etc. Come join in!

The AO3 collection can be found here --


August 1-7: Advertising, questions, etc.
August 8-15: Nominations
August 16-17: Tag Cleanup
August 18-30: Signups
August 31: Housekeeping
September 1: Assignments Go Out
September 21: Default Cut-Off Date
October 15: Assignments Due
October 21: Reveals


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