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Hi, [community profile] gundamstories!

After a lot of random talk, along with a lot of Gundam-y activity so far this year, I thought it was time to reinvent and revitalize this community.

• This is everyone's community. If you want to host a re/watch, post discussion or news or anything, please feel free!

• Anonymous commenting is going to be ON -- please do not abuse this or it will be turned off.

• Basic rules are in the profile.

• Fanwork prompts (100+ words/no maximum for writing, no minimum qualifications for visual creations) will be posted bi-weekly, though any Gundam fics/art/etc. are welcome here.

• Discussion posts will be posted bi-weekly as well.

• Everything Gundam is welcome!

Whew! Aside from all of that, if you're looking for Gundam stuff to do, [personal profile] nanslice is hosting a weekly Gundam Wing rewatch on her journal. We're on episodes 11-12 this weekend. The first half of Turn-A Gundam came out in June! If anyone is interested in a group viewing, let me know.

FAQ Post

Jan. 1st, 2012 04:55 pm
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How does the community work?

By posting lotsa Gundam stuff! Fanfic, art, discussion, icons, re-watches, macaroni-sculptures, whatever as long as it's Gundam! Previously, this was a prompt community but it wasn't very active so the prompt posts have been consolidated down (in case anyone still wants to write for them) and the space opened up to everything. If you'd like to start a project here, like a re-watch, feel free. If you'd like to suggest a project/ask about interest, that's fine too.

Which Gundam series are welcome here?

All of them. Really. Even the ones I've barely familiar with (and if I've missed one in the interests, feel free to mention it). Feel free to try your hand at Sentinel and SEED MSV, Last Outpost and Katana. It's all welcome along with Wing, Unicorn, G Gundam and all the rest.

What if I have a question not answered here?

Feel free to Prod-a-Mod.


Jan. 1st, 2012 04:53 pm
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Got Questions, a Problem, or Just Need a Mod?

Prod-a-Mod in the comments. All comments are screened. Questions may be added anonymously to the FAQ so that everyone may benefit from them.


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